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Customers with Specific Needs by Patricia Tallack


This module forms part of a customer service self-study programme authored in 9 parts. Module 5 helps you understand the variety of special needs different customers may have, and how to meet them.


This module - either as stand-alone learning or as an element of the nine part customer service programme - will enable you to identify and deal comfortably with , for example, the needs of the elderly, customers from other cultures, the disabled and the inconvenienced. It takes skill to understand their needs and provide them with appropriate service while recognising their independence.


Those wishing to learn or further develop customer service skills.

Learning method

Practical. Self-study covering the following topics: 5.1 How disability aware are you? 5.2 The rights of customers with disabilities 5.3 The needs of customers with disabilities 5.4 Making services and facilities accessible 5.5 Greeting and meeting customers with disabilities 5.6 Attracting customers with disabilities 5.7 Helping customers with a hearing impairment 5.8 Helping the visually impaired customer 5.9 Helping customers with physical disabilities 5.10 Helping customers with a hearing disability 5.11 Helping customers with an unusual appearance 5.12 Helping customers with a language difficulty 5.13 Helping the older customer 5.14 Pleasing parents and children 5.15 Culture awareness 5.16 Dealing with the aggressive customer 5.17 Little things mean a lot

Time to Complete

8-9 hours


74 (17 activities) pages




£10 Pounds Sterling
(inc. VAT)

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