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Organic Growth Versus Acquisition: The Balanced Scorecard Approach by Peter Bebb, Bloomsbury

Purpose and benefits

  • Businesses need to change strategy, processes, and roles rapidly, radically, and measurably, if they are to survive and succeed. Individuals need to know precisely what to produce and what reward they’ll get for doing so.

  • Companies acquiring, merging, and de-merging need long-term ways of enhancing shareholder value once the initial and obvious savings have been made.

  • Organic growth and growth by acquisition should be complementary strategies. The successful execution of both depends on aligning everyone and everything around a single set of corporate goals, and so achieving these goals faster, better, and cheaper.

  • Many organisations suffer from acquisition indigestion, having failed to absorb and make the best of their acquisitions or mergers. All organisations have more scope for organic growth than they realise.


Abstract. Essay on management best practice using case studies and suggested action plans with additional reference sources.

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